Volunteer Opportunities

Palm Beach County Youth Court

(561) 274-1400

200 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL

This program is held every Thursday at 6:00pm but doors LOCK at 5:45 so get there early. You must come dressed in nice clothes. You do not need to call ahead or sign up in advance (courthouse will provide the volunteer form). Usually lasts for 1.5hrs but you get credit for 3hrs of volunteer time.

You watch another teen go on stand for an offense (ex. Underage drinking, possession of drugs, retail theft). You can either just sit there and watch or be selected as a jury member and help to decide the punishment for the defendant.

Miracle League

To volunteer, contact Jeff and/or Julia Kadel at (561) 414-4441 or email them at Coachkadel@aol.com

Miller Park:  1905 Southwest 4th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444

This program is held each Saturday (starts April 11, 2015 for this season) and runs for approximately 8 weeks. Each game lasts about an hour. Miracle League is a program to allow special needs kids to play baseball. Each volunteer (a.k.a. Buddy) is assigned a kid and each game their Buddy helps them bat, run the bases, field, and gives them support.  This is really fun and will keep you smiling the rest of the day.

Beach Cleanups

The Great American Cleanup: Contact Danielle Beardsley at (561) 243-7277 or email her at beardsleyd@mydelraybeach.com

Saturday, April 18th 8:00A.M.

Meet at Sandoway House Nature Center- 142 South Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach

Wear sunscreen and get ready to pick up hundreds of cigarette butts!  Volunteers stay to clean up trash on Delray Beach for 1-2 hours.  It is a good cause and you can get a tan while doing a good deed for our community.